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Following extensive work in Ghana in 2014, and in light of the UK Government's current preference to subsidise nuclear energy and fracking, Renewable Power's focus on new field scale solar projects is moving from the UK towards Asian and African countries where the need for cheap clean power is acute.

In the UK, our 7.4MW Culmhead Aerodrome commissioned and connected in 2013, despite the twin challenges of being located in an AONB, and close to a Scheduled Monument. In Gloucestershire we have built out 2 projects of 28MW and 5MW respectively. Our remaining 50MW site in Wiltshire is due for connection in March 2016 after a prolonged planning and appeal process.

If you would like to know more about our field scale solar sites, read on...

Field Scale Solar projects

Renewable Power's first field scale solar energy site at Culmhead Aerodrome approximately 1.5km northeast of Churchstanton and 8km southeast of Wellington generates clean, economic electricity with minimal impact on the countryside.

The project uses solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, which silently converts sunlight into electricity over a 12.5 hectare site (or about 1/15th of the land area at the aerodrome) and:
- generates approximately 7.4 Megawatts (MW) of power, which is enough to supply the needs of, on average, 1700 homes
- as with all our other projects, provides a 25 year fund for social, economic and environmental benefits within the local community
- has made plans to conserve and explain the World War 2 Scheduled Monuments on the Aerodrome

Near Melksham in Wiltshire our recently consented 50MW project is under construction. Although large, the site has been carefully chosen for its general lack of visual impact and a connection directly to a 132 KiloVolt pylon on-site. This will on average meet the electricity needs of about 14,000 households

At Cambridge, Gloucestershire, we chose the location for a 28MW solar farm to be as far away as possible from sensitive views from the Cotswolds with the result that half of the site is susceptible to flooding from the sea. A creative approach to design and engineering was needed. Nearby Actrees 5MW solar farm has started generating clean renewable electricity in January 2016

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